Colin Rennie

Glass and Digital Artist


It has been a huge highlight of 2016 to be involved as an artist as part of the Ordered Universe project http://ordered universe;  a multi-disciplinary and internationally collaborative venture that investigates the treatises of Bishop Robert Grosseteste.  The work I am planning expresses something of his remarkable grasp of colour as inhabiting a three dimensional space.  I will be constructing a 3 m diameter cube with around 40 blown glass coloured elements suspended within the space demarked by the cube,  each colour in the glass will be as closely mapped as possible to the colour space proposed by the ordered universe project team notably  Hannah Smithson and Tom McLeish to whom I owe a great debt.  The vertices of the cube represent the ends of 3 axis that combine to form an infinite variety of possible colours to exist.    More on this will follow in due course.